Gaming Headset

Directly and Truly 7.1 Virtual Sound Gaming

Feel the difference with 7.1 Sound quality when you play games, music or even movies.

Control Switch Designed for Gamers

The control switch designed for gamers facilitates access to voice commands during usage. Instant voice control and instant silence at your command.

True Sound is Power in Games, this Thought is Its Philosophy

The most obvious indicator of this philosophy the difference between being the gamer who uses the Medusa and the gamer who does not use it.

It has 50mm Neodymium Drivers with LED Effect

The Gamepower Medusa boasts, high quality 50 mm audio drivers that extend a well-controlled bass and deliver excellent sound quality balanced for all your personal entertainment needs, from gaming to music listening.

Ergonomic Design, Lightweight and Self-Adjusting Headband

The Gamepower Medusa headset is comfortable on your head and ears for extended gaming sessions. Its fully adjustable headband and closed ear cups with plush padding ensure a perfect fit every time.

Compare Gaming Headsets

7.1 Gaming Headset Style
50mm Speaker Size
113dB (+/-3dB) Sensitivity (Headset)
-43 dB (+/-2dB) Sensitivity (Microphone, dB)
Yes 7.1 Surround
Green Led Light LED
Only USB USB / 3.5MM

Tech Specs

Model Number MEDUSA
Style Gaming Headset
Speaker Size 50mm
Sensitivity (Headset) 113dB (+/-3dB)
Frequency Response (Headset) 20Hz-20KHz
Impedance (Ohm) 32
Dynamic Microphone (Removable, Foldable) Yes (Foldable)
Sensitivity (Microphone, dB) -43 dB (+/-2dB)
Frequency Response (Microphone) 20Hz-20KHz
LED Green LED Backlit (Breathing Mode)
Cable Length 2.3 M
USB and 7.1 Surround Yes (USB for 7.1 Surround)
Software Yes

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