Gaming Headset


Gamepower MEI Gaming Headset offers 7.1 virtual sound and Perfect surround sound , hear you games come alive in ways you've never heard before and get the jump on your enemies with pinpoint positional accuracy

Control Switch Designed for Gamers

Control Switch Designed for Gamers Easy to control your game, with controller. EQ,MIC,LED and also VOL settings.

One Headset is All You Need

Crystal-clear Highs and Punchy Bass. This sloped design not only provides better comfort, but also helps improve sound quality by enabling the audio signal to travel directly into the ear canal.

Crafted For Comfort

Ergonomic Ear Cup MEI has ergonomic, D-shaped ear cups that more closely match the shape of human ears compared to oval ear cups,


The Mei Supports PS4, PS5, PC With USB device. It can useable on multi-platform devices with only one USB port.

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7.1 RGB Gaming Headset Style
50mm Speaker Size
112dB (+/-3dB) Sensitivity (Headset)
-43 dB (+/-2dB) Sensitivity (Microphone, dB)
Yes 7.1 Surround
RGB Backlit LED
Only USB USB / 3.5MM

Tech Specs

Model Number MEI
Style Gaming Headset
Color Options Black
Speaker Size 50mm
Sensitivity (Headset) 112dB (+/-3dB)
Frequency Response (Headset) 20Hz-20000KHz
Impedance (Ohm) 2.2KΩ
Dynamic Microphone (Removable, Foldable) Yes (Foldable)
Sensitivity (Microphone, dB) -43 dB (+/-2dB)
Frequency Response (Microphone) 100Hz-1000KHz
LED RGB Backlit
Cable Length 2.2 M
USB and 7.1 Surround Yes (USB for 7.1 Surround)
Software Yes
Weight 0,363 G

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