Rgb Edge Mechanical Keyboard

Compete, Defeat, Repeat

MIRANA takes GAMEPOWER performance to another level. Unleash unreal performance with OUTEMU Second Generation Mechanical Switches. Battle on a keyboard that can withstand a lifetime of use.

Easy to Use Rainbow Backlit, RGB Edge Design

Rainbow Backlit Modes: 6 different kinds of LED lighting mode by pressing FN+PRTSC RGB Edge Modes: 3 different kinds of edge lighting mode by pressing FN+INS

50 Million Keystrokes with Outemu Second Generation Switch

Durable and renowned Outemu Second Generation switches with 50 MILLION keystrokes for responsiveness and durability, better switch with super wallet friendly price.

Aluminum Alloy Plate, ABS Keyboard And Double PCB Layer

Constructed of premium ABS and Aluminum alloy front frame. Mirana has double PCB layer that is offer more stability and strong. that it works minimum defect rate and working more long time.

Outemu Second Generation Red Switch

The Outemu Red switch is a relatively smooth linear switch, much firmer and with more total actuation force required than the many Red switches. This makes the Outemu Red almost a lighter, less steep version of the a Black switch.

Outemu Second Generation Blue Switch

Keyboards using Outemu Blue switches are often extremely affordable, yet still provide an extremely comparable experience to more expensive models.

Easy Access F1-F8 Multimedia Keys with Necessary Functions

FN+F1=Multimedia, FN+F2=Play, FN+F3=Pause, FN+F4=Volume+, FN+F5=Volume-, FN+F6=Mute, FN+F7=Prev Track, FN+F8=Next Track

Compare Gaming Keyboards

Mechanical Rainbow Gaming Keyboard Style
104 Keys Number Of Keys
Outemu Switch Producer
No Palm Rest Pad
6 Different Rainbow + 3 Different RGB Edge Light Animations
No Software

Tech Specs

Model Number MIRANA
Style Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Color Options Black & Blue
Mechanicity Full Mechanical
Number of Keys 104 Keys
Switch Producer Outemu Second Generation
Switch Lifetime 50 Million
Polling Rate (Hz) 1000Hz
Material ABS + Metal Case
Anti-Ghosting 100% Anti-Ghosting
LED Rainbow Backlit & RGB Edge Design
Light Animations 6 Different Rainbow + 3 Different RGB Edge
Switch Color Red/Blue
Multimedia Keys FN + F1 to F8 Combinations
Cable Length 1.5 M
Palm Rest Pad No
Software No

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