Gaming Mouse

Antiskid Leather Texture Design

Surface class skin treatment bring good comfort, regardless of the size of your hand, how to grasp mode, all can be comfortable for each type of game, increase the game experience. On both sides of the concave and convex non-slip texture at the same time, to prevent hand slip effectively reduce wrong operation.

20 Million Clicks with Omron Gaming Switch

Omron, the new switches are optimized and tweaked for the fastest response times for gaming and for extended durability up to 20 million clicks.

PMW 3325 Gaming Sensor with 10000 DPI

Rapid Movement: Setting your mouse with max 10000 DPI to gain the advantages over your opponents and command the speed and sensivity accurately.

Macro Buttons for More Effective Gaming

The Gamepower Ursa comes with 7 programmable buttons. With your personalized buttons, you will be able to more accurately perform weapon selects.

Tech Specs

Model Number URSA
Style Gaming Mouse
Resolution (DPI) 10000 DPI
Number of Macro Buttons 7 Buttons
Switch Producer Omron
Switch Lifetime 20 Million
Polling Rate (Hz) 500 Hz
Mat Material Teflon
FPS Frame Rate 5300 FPS
LED RGB Backlit
Cable Length 1.8 M
Maximum Acceleration 20G
Sensor Type Optical
Sensor Producer and Chip PMW 3325
Software and Macro Yes