Polar Fleece

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Experience Summer in Winter Enjoy Summer in Winter

Gamepower is designed with special Antipiling fleece fabric to protect you from the cold. Gamepower Antipiling keeps you warm all day long thanks to its special structure.

Make the Difference Create a Difference

Gamepower Anti-Pilling offers you comfort and convenience without sacrificing style. Attract all the attention with Gamepower Anti-Pilling's eye-catching empiecement design.

Feel The Power

Gamepower Anti Pilling keeps you warm all day with its extremely durable and lightweight structure. In addition, Gamepower Anti Pilling offers a comfortable experience with its noniron structure.

Only 280 GR

pleasure of moving comfortably all day with its ultra-light structure.

Show Your Style

Gamepower attracts all attention with its stylish design and ultra-light structure. You can show your unique style to everyone by using this unique fleece.

Tech Specs

Model Polar Fleece
Weight 280 g
Material Anti-Pilling fleece fabric
Material Top section is empiecement
Material Embroidered logo, side and front pockets
Material Top-down with zip fastener