Explore the perfect blend of efficiency and portability with GamePower %75 keyboard. Experience 60M Lifespan GP Mechanical Solderless Switches in Gasket Keyboards. A 0.85-inch LCD screen offers customization for all settings.

%75 Mechanical Keyboard with 81 Keys

Explore the perfect blend of efficiency and portability with GamePower %75 keyboard.

Built to Last 60 Million Keystrokes

Enjoy unparalleled durability with GamePower Pre-Lubed switches designed for a lifespan of 60 million presses.

Next-Gen Display: Ultimate Customization

A 0.85-inch LCD screen offers customization for all settings. Enjoy your unique and immersive experience

Gasket Structure: Sound Dampening Foam

Discover the gasket structure in GamePower Keyboards. The gasket design comes with sound dampening foam that reduces vibrations and pinging noises in keys. Meet with a soft and quiet feeling.

Factory-Lubed for Perfection

Precision-lubed at the factory for an unparalleled typing and gaming experience from the first keystroke.

Beyond Limits: Wired, 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 5.1

Enjoy versatility with GP mechanical keyboard, offering wired, 2.4GHz, and Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity options.

Customizable RGB: Set the Perfect Mod

Experience captivating RGB illumination on GP keyboard. Customize colors and elevate your setup.

Hot-Swap Convenience

Comes with 3x pre-lubed spare switches, allowing easy replacement and maintenance anytime.

Long-Life Power: 4000mAh Battery

Experience extended usage with GP keyboard's 4000mAh battery.

Explore the Anatomy of Switches

Dive into the premium design of switches, featuring spring, stem, upper, and lower housing components.

Transparent Keycaps: Thermal DYE Sublimation

Enjoy the keycaps with Thermal DYE sublimation technology. Pudding keycaps offer a delightful typing experience with their eye-catching design.

Knob Command: LCD Convenience

Gasket Pro X keyboard's knob design grants you effortless control over the LCD display. Turn the knob to navigate through settings, animations, and various options.

No More Ghosts: Perfect Keystrokes

Achieve precision and reliability with 100% anti-ghosting. Uninterrupted performance for flawless typing and gaming.

Customizable Keyboard with Switch Opener

Includes a switch opener for easy lubrication. Customize your typing experience to perfection!

Model Number Gasket Pro X
Style Triple Mode Mechanical Keyboard
Structure Gasket
Number Of Keys 81 Keys
Switch Producer GamePower (HotSwap)
Switch Lifetime 60 Million Times
Anti - Ghosting %100 Anti Ghosting
Battery 3000mAh
Software Yes
Warranty 3 Years

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